Take the first steps to ethical invesment

Your financial goals can be aligned with what you care about.


I'm really interested in making sure your money supports the things you value (for example if you'd rather support renewable energy than coal), and that means being able to invest ethically.

People tell us it's difficult to know where to start, so we designed this very quick questionnaire as a really easy way to get started.

Fill it out to take your first steps to ethical investment and if you want, have a free 15 minute chat with us afterwards to get yourself on the right track. 


Take the first steps to Ethical Investment

Other ways to get ethical

How to make your money do good

Financial decisions should work towards what matters in your life. Here'some more ways that Viva can help you to get ethical:

You can get a free comprehensive guide to ethical investment

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Make a time with me over the phone or in person about getting ethical >