How you can do cheap AND green energy....

                 Who is the greenest of them all?

                 Who is the greenest of them all?

Cheap(er) energy

People living in Victoria may be aware of the latest state government plan to cut energy costs: the
government has launched a website to help households save on power costs and energy better.

Victorians can log in to find better electricity and gas deals – the Victorian Energy Compare (VEC) site
will show you the best tariff, based on your individual circumstances and electricity use

As an added bonus, if you log in between 1 July and 31 December, you can claim a $50 bonus.


To find better deals on the VEC site:

  •  Set aside a ½ -hour as
  •  Have details of your last bills handy to better compare costs e.g.
    •  Average daily energy use
    •  Solar panel capacity and feed –in details
    •  Meter details

If you don’t live in Victoria, you can compare costs via AER (Australian Energy Regulator).
The July 2018 Canstar Blue report* also points out that while energy discounts are important, the
biggest discount offer isn’t always the cheapest – you need to regularly compare plans to find a good
deal! (*based on information for people in NSW)

Who are Australia’s greenest electricity providers?

If you do want to support renewable energy and can afford it, the 2018 Green Electricity Guide will
help you find Australia's greenest electricity providers : it shows how retailers score on a range of
factors like:

  •  Emissions from power stations
  •  Investments in renewables
  •  Offers for solar customers
  •  Carbon offset plans,
  •  Promotion of energy efficiency
  •  Support for community energy, battery power and local energy trading
  •  Transparency and sustainability reporting

The third and latest Guide shows that the smaller retailers are still greener than large energy
retailers, although the big retailers are gradually making improvements. ( Choice )

Do I pay more for green energy?

If you want to support renewable energy and you participate in the federal government’s
GreenPower scheme (through your retailer), this can mean a big increase in your energy costs.

However, some green retailers are really price competitive – it’s worth running a comparison to see
the difference


Please do your checks carefully : the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
(ACCC) has just recently fined a discount company, after the consumer watchdog alleged it misled
customers over energy discounts.

Next steps

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