Sandy’s story – big things and little things


I know that a lot of people think that:

• Financial Planning isn’t for me or that
• It’s all too hard and
• Financial Planning isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and even
• Committing to anything is too difficult anyway

So here’s the thing – it’s ok to change your mind along the way. We all do it, every single day …

But not having any sort of idea about what you do or don’t like to do, or want to do, means that you haven’t given yourself the chance to achieve, and feel good about whatever you have managed to do.

Little things

People do amazing stuff all of the time… smaller things like:

  • Going out of their way to say “Good morning” to strangers walking down the street or
  • Letting the really rushed person go ahead in the supermarket queue.

Big things

And bigger stuff, like abseiling down parliament house to protest about the logging of native forests.* (The photo on this blog).

Setting goals

The way I see it is, that setting yourself some goals is about the big stuff, and most especially about the little stuff.

Sandy’s story

So I’d like to tell you about Sandy, who was about to lose her (very stressful) job and thought she could never afford to buy her own place again.

Here’s her little stuff:


  • Put the word out and applied for work online : she had a few interviews but no job offer.
  • Interviewed for and accepted a lower paying job, and didn’t like it so she quit
  • Was then offered a new position, paying more than the original
  • Tracked her expenses over a few weeks and found out there were lots of surprises: she didn’t realise she was spending so much, and decided to limit her spend to actual necessities
  • Checked out her bills and changed to lower cost utility and phone providers and also health cover
  • Checked with her bank and put any savings into an account paying a bit more interest

The bigger stuff.. 

Sandy found that she:

  • All of a sudden, was saving more than she was spending, and could see her bank account building up.
  • Felt really good in the new job, even though she was nervous about having to update her current skills for the new position .
  • Could comfortably afford a larger mortgage if she wanted, and then actually made a successful offer!
  • Has built up sufficient savings to only need a slightly larger home loan than originally planned for, and will own her new home next February ( 2018).
  • Has figured out her cashflow and can easily pay off the new loan quickly: she knows how to limit her spend.
  • Is also looking forward to getting a new dog!

Sandy and I worked together to get things happening for her.


How do you decide on your goals and how to get there? 

Call for a quick chat to find out IF or HOW we can help you to where you might want to be.

Financial Planning is about getting things happening so that you can do it, be in control, and make choices.


*photo AAP: Joe Castro